Warehouse automation

Achieve full B2B inventory potential by ensuring stock and order accuracy

What is Warehouse Automation?

Warehouse automation helps eliminate manual tasks that slows down the movement of inventory within, into and out of warehouses, improving productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Automate and simplify inventory operations

Boostorder Inventory eliminates paperwork, manual data entry and human errors by digitalizing stock count, stock in and stock out processes.


Digital stock counts with QR and barcode scanning allows a faster and more accurate counting process, whilst seamlessly integrated to backend systems to ensure real time stock availability, eliminate overstocking and wastage. ​


Stock count by item, batch and serial number makes the process easier and more effective especially for perishable goods that are produced in batches or have different expiration dates. ​

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Eliminate mess by digitally labelling products on-the-go into boxes and packages on mobile or tablet. Labels can be created and printed from the app itself when connected to a printer. ​  Content of the boxes are then easily identified by scanning the QR code on the labels without having to open them.

Improve inventory visibility and accuracy by gaining real time view on stock count processes in different warehouses by different individuals. Counting processes by different people can also be merged in one click without manual calculation to reduce human errors.​

Seamlessly integrated with accounting systems / ERPs

Boostorder Sync’s ability to fully integrate Boostorder Inventory with major accounting systems and ERPs help reduce operation cost, time, and human error significantly as stock availability is now automatically synchronized.

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Full visibility on warehouse and inventory insights

Boostorder Insights is able to quickly combine disparate pieces of data, taking them through a complete BI development cycle, and convert them into interactive real-time dashboards for data-driven decisions.