Product information management systems (PIMS)

Improve product information quality, consistency, and compliance

What is PIMS?

PIMS (Product Information Management System) provides a single place to collect and manage one’s product information, create product catalogues and sharing them to different channels. This will ensure the accuracy of the updated details of product pricing and description, establishing a single source of truth for product information.

Seamless information collection

Goods data and information are collected from ERPs or suppliers’ databases and stored in Boostorder Cloud. Businesses can then define and clean the data that is required to integrate into digital catalogues.

BO sync.png

Consistent information distribution across all channels

With Boostorder Sync, all changes or modifications being made; pricing, product availability, product description will be synchronized, ensuring the consistency and accuracy across all channels.

Catered for B2B specific use case – Trade Agreement & Trade Promotions

With the increase in complexity of the B2B business model, some businesses will need to create additional product bundles and discounts, as well as to associate supporting information about certain products in forms of specification sheets or diagrams.


Boostorder XXXX has the capability to define and configure custom pricing and customer tiers, document and product visibility. B2B business will also be able to gain full flexibility in setting up basic discounts, coupon codes, basic and advanced bundles by a few options – absolute value, percentage, date range and customer tiers.

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