UOB Finlab Malaysia - Jom Transform

Boostorder is featured as one of the technology partner in the UOB FInlab Malaysia - Jom Transform Program

Jom Transform is a three-month business transformation programme on Thursday to help businesses in Malaysia adopt technology to drive productivity and growth. We are honored and excited to be part of this iniative coming from a regional financial institution to play our small part in upgrade the competitiveness of SME in this region Boostorder是大华银行马来西亚FInlab - Jom Transform 计划 的合作伙伴之一

Jom Transform是一个为期三个月的业务转型计划,旨在帮助马来西亚的企业采用技术来推动生产力和增长。 我们很荣幸和很高兴能够参与这项来自区域金融机构的项目,在提升中小企业在该地区的竞争力方面做出贡献。

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