Increased Productivity through F&B Franchise Order Automation

Established since 2018, this Chance Holding is actively developing and expanding with more than 40 outlets currently operating throughout Asia. The company launched Chatto, a well-known franchise brand in Malaysia serving handcrafted premium tea, gourmet coffee, and desserts, with presence in Australia, Brunei and Canada.



1. Heavy load of manual processes

As a franchise business, there was a large portion of operation that was still being processed manually. Orders were being taken and by hand and processed through email, which can be challenging to track and execute in a timely manner.

2. Human error in ordering process

Like most fast growing companies, incorrect orders has been a common challenge, causing the company to have to communicate back and forth to rectify orders. This is particularly time consuming and counterproductive, and potentially leading to unnecessary operating costs.



1. Boostorder Direct

24/7 self-service ordering platform which automatically processes orders in real time



  • Higher accuracy in orders with significantly less errors

  • Higher work productivity

  • Time saving as orders are now processed automatically

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