Increase in Sales Coverage Area

Established since 1942, Thong Guan Trading Sdn Bhd rised up from the humble beginnings of its founder selling tea in a bicycle, to a KLSE listed manufacturer and distributor of coffee and tea in Malaysia today.

Since then, the company has expanded their market channels and diversified their offerings by entering the plastic industry, manufacturing flexible packaging for industrial and commercial use.



1. Manual operation for van and field sales

Thong Guan required a solution to automate sale processes for both van and field sales, replacing the current manual operations which were inefficient and time consuming.

2. Lack of visibility

Having multiple channels and a large number of distributors across markets, Thong Guan’s challenge was to achieve full control and visibility over its sales operations. For the company, a platform to consolidate all field operation data is required for actionable insights.



1. Boostorder Rep

Full visibility on customer history, seamless order placement, payment collection and task execution. Van sales team and merchandisers can capture inventory and print receipts instantly.

2. Boostorder Sync

Easy maintenance of product and pricing, real time synchronization of sales documents from back office to off-site sales team.

3. Boostorder Insights

Full visibility on sales team and retail operations via interactive dashboards.



  • Significant improvement of sales and order reconciliation

  • Data and report generation frequency from monthly to daily

  • Increase in coverage area without additional resources

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