80% Improvement in Stock Accuracy

Wide Tropism is an importer and exporter of chemically free and organic products (nuts, beans, seeds, raisings spices etc.) Having more than 10 years of operation experience, the company now distributes to more than 1,000 retail outlets and serving more than 1,000,000 customers. They also established their own online brand, Love Earth as well as OEM manufacturing.



1. Tedious stock count processes

For a company with a wide range of consumables and product variations, it is not uncommon for Wide Tropism to find it challenging to manage manual stock count processes to ensure the timeliness of the flow of goods. Stock counts being executed were tedious and required a lot of time and manpower.

2. Stock loss

With large quantities of goods being shipped out daily, Wide Tropism often experience stock loss due to the inaccuracy of handling shipping and returns.



1. Boostorder Inventory

Automate and simplify stock counts processes, ensuring accurate deliveries



  • 50% improvement in error reduction

  • 80% improvement in stock accuracy

  • Increased delivery efficiency

  • Reduced operation costs

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