Omnichannel B2B2C

Optimize your sales channels to provide a customer-centric experience

What is Omnichannel B2B2C?

Omnichannel B2B2C is an integrated, multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving both B2B and B2C customers. Unlike siloed operations of multi-channel B2B that lacked unity and visibility on the B2C side, brands and manufacturers can now connect with the end consumers directly or in partnership with retailers, bringing added values to all parties.

Omnichannel B2B2C also provides consumers with a seamless and enhanced buying experience, with a peace of mind knowing that the goods they purchased are from a reputable brand, increasing brand loyalty that will in ultimately lead to higher revenues.

Boostorder Omni for brands

Brands can create private label sites where consumers can order goods from retail stores within their vicinity that are listed in the site and obtain them via self-pickup or delivery.


Brands can also recruit retailers via BO Direct B2C, that allows retailers to participate in the brand’s e-commerce initiatives as their official offline delivery or order pickup point partners.


Full visibility on consumer data and supply chain can also be obtained via BO Insights, through interactive and actionable data visualization dashboards.


Uploaded to BO Cloud:
Product Images

Product Description

Product Pricing

Shared with retailers through BO Cloud:
• Product Images  • Product Description  • Product Pricing

brand & distributors

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Benefits for brands:

• Empower and accelerate retail partners to go online

• Control brand identity and consistency 

• Greater brand recognition from end consumers

• Full visibility into consumer data – product needs, preferences, buying behaviour etc.

• No white-labelling of goods

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Boostorder Omni for Retailers

Retailers on the other hand can also build their own webstore with private domain names and connect seamlessly with eCommerce marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee etc.


Boostorder Cloud serves as a retailer empowerment tool as retailers are able to access resources from brands such as product images, pricing and discounts that are consistent to be used and displayed in their webstores and online marketplaces.

Benefits for retailers:

• An inclusive platform designed for franchises / JV retail chains

• New revenue stream with access to new customer bases

• Ability to offer better buying experiences to consumers without spending much but by leveraging on available resources/ technology/ platforms from brands