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How Sunlun Grew Their Revenue by 54% in 11 Months

And improved their order capture time from 2 hours to 20 minutes


A distributor supplier, wholesaler and importer for tyres and automotive-related products

After implementing Boostorder solutions, we’re now able to capture orders within just 20 minutes. Previously, we needed about 2 hours to do so. The reduced human errors and increased productivity from these solutions enabled us to increase our revenue.

Sunlun Group


Manual, individual order management

Sunlun’s manual sales processes, combined with different credit terms & limits, made the order capturing process lengthy and slow.

Increased operation costs

Sunlun’s growth is accompanied by escalating operation costs, which they struggle to keep down to increase their revenue.


Faster order capturing

Boostorder’s solutions have helped Sunlun to capture & send orders to their back-end much faster than before, allowing higher work productivity.

54% revenue growth in 11 months

Higher productivity and reduced human errors allowed Sunlun to decrease their operational costs and focus on revenue growth.

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The Problem

Sunlun Group is a Malaysian automotive-related group of companies headquartered in Sibu,  Sarawak, East Malaysia. Their business, centralized around the distribution and retail sales of tyres required quick, almost on-demand info availability.

Their distributors needed to be able to place orders for new stocks as customers’ requests come in, sometimes within the same day. However, their manual execution of sales processes caused plenty of unnecessary friction when it came to order capturing and processing, which was how they realized they needed an advanced, automated system to speed up and streamline their sales processes.

Sunlun also had a tricky problem common in the B2B ecosphere – They needed to manage different credit terms and limits for different customers, while also keeping up with credit extension and adjustments from time to time. They needed to check with their finance team for these check-ins, which lengthened their sales cycle, affected their productivity and overall increased their operational costs due to human errors.





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The Implementation


Sun Lun was happy to find that Boostorder Rep allowed their sales team to view their customers’ individual credit terms, limits and management on the go without having to check in with their admins.

However, they were also unsure of how the solutions provided would help them reach their goals of reducing operation costs and how exactly they would be able to increase their order capture efficacy.

The Boostorder team explained that Boostorder solutions help to digitally transform businesses, reducing manual, repetitive tasks and the headcount required to perform these tasks. At the same time, Boostorder Sync’s ability to seamlessly integrate any sales and order data directly to their existing accounting system shortens a big chunk of time needed to manually consolidate these data, moving the sales & order stage to the next stage quickly.

The Results

Many of Sunlun’s sales tasks from order placement to customer credit management tracking were done digitally with Boostorder solutions, and could be traced back on the go. This significantly reduced the frequency of human error in Sunlun’s salesforce progress and allowed their team to work more productively without communicating back and forth over customer data.

This digitally-enabled change also helped the company to capture orders 500% faster – from 2 hours to just 20 minutes! As a result, Sunlun was able to grow their revenue by 54% within just 11 months.


Like all other businesses, we want to lower our operational costs and increase our revenue as a result. Boostorder’s solutions geared towards a digitized, more productive approach to our sales & order processes helped us to reach just that.

Sunlun Group

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