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How Chong Tatt Enterprise Cut Down Their Order Processing Time by 90% with Boostorder

And saved 300 man hours a month with sales automation


A beverage distributor for Heineken, Tiger, Nestle, Milo and Nescafe among other brands, with +/- 5000 retailers nationwide

After implementing Boostorder solutions, we’ve shortened our order processing time from 3 hours to 15 minutes. We also had a 20% increase in salesforce productivity, and since we reduced most of our manual paperwork, it also saved us 300 man hours a month. Boostorder’s apps have been pivotal in making these changes for us.

Ben Khor,

CEO, Chong Tatt Enterprise



Fulfilment delays from manual, non-centralized paperwork

CTE’s processes were neither streamlined nor automated, leading to order process delays and human errors.

Major delays from finance department

CTE had to manually re-integrate their sales & order data with their accounting system, limiting data visibility.


Enhanced order speed from real-time product info

CTE and their customers accessed stock availability & pricing in real-time, foregoing the need to check with the admin team.

Seamless Accounting System Integration

Boostorder Sync eliminated the need to manually integrate accounting system data and provided real-time visibility for customers’ credit status.

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The Problem

CTE ran traditional, manual operations for about four decades, and found themselves lagging in technology adaptation, which restricted them from expanding their business efficiently.

In order to proceed with a customer’s order, CTE’s salesforce had to run stock availability, personalized promotions and credit status through their back-end teams, which lengthened their sales cycle. It was cumbersome to leaf through manual paperwork for information needed, which often had possibilities for human errors as well. Due to instances of miscommunication, some orders were entered into their system twice, resulting in high overhead costs for CTE when they had to deal with product returns.

"We were going to have trouble sourcing suitable manpower and back-end data to continue supporting our operation if we do not go through with digital transformation.”

Ben Khor, CEO of Chong Tatt Enterprise said.



Beverage Distributor


Pulau Pinang

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The Implementation

One of CTE’s biggest concerns while evaluating an end-to-end B2B distribution solution was how their staff and customers from an older generation would adapt to their digitized operation flow.

However, adequate training was provided for their core team to get them used to the apps, which helped CTE to phase out the app adoption in the rest of their team and their customers.

While running the onboarding process, Boostorder also spent time connecting CTE’s accounting system to Boostorder apps, linked their data sources to reflect on their direct purchase app, and implemented a method for CTE’s salesforce to track carton collection.

The Results

CTE saved themselves 300 man hours a month and increase their productivity by 20% thanks to real-time availability and visibility of their product info, promotions and pricing.

Their switch from manual paperwork to Boostorder’s digitized platforms also meant that their order cycle time was reduced from 3 hours to 15 minutes, since their finance team no longer had to manually re-integrate their sales & order data into their SQL system. 

Their salesforce no longer had to spend time informing their large number of customers on new products and promotions, giving them more time to get their less tech-savvy customers on board with their new user-friendly app for customers.

CTE was also able to pinpoint better-performing products and distribution areas to grow their business from actionable insights provided.


We decided to proceed with Boostorder because of their scalable subscription-based model. Our staff and customers took some time getting used to it, but Boostorder made a lot of processes so much easier for us in the long run.

Ben Khor,

CEO, Chong Tatt Enterprise

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