Field force automation

Maximize Productivity and Increase Visibility

What is FFA?

Field force automation (FFA) allows businesses to manage remote/on-the-field promoters and merchandisers and improve communication between the off-site and on-site sales teams while getting real-time updates on retail execution.

Do anything and everything in one single platform.

Field sales reps are able to place orders and collect payments in a quick and timely manner using Boostorder Rep while providing accurate stock information about each SKU in real time through online in-app catalogues.

Trade promotions and bundle packages that have been configured on the backend are reflected on catalogues of different customers respectively to reduce pricing errors and ensure compliance.

They are then able to generate orders and sales documents on the spot, while having access to their purchase and payment history.

On-premise stock counts, out-of-stock (OOS) data capture and stock returns can be performed within the app as well, making Boostorder Rep even more robust and versatile.

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Maximum productivity, Minimum effort

With Boostorder Rep, field sales reps are able to plan and execute their daily tasks systematically, enabling them to complete tasks in the shortest time possible.

Field sales reps are able to access individualized reports on their performances, KPIs and incentives. The flexibility of the Boostorder Rep enables them to also capture notes or to attach media as proof of outlet visitations or stock shelfing.

Seamlessly integrated with accounting systems / ERPs

Boostorder Sync’s ability to fully integrate Boostorder Rep with major accounting systems and ERPs help reduce operation cost, time, and human error significantly as sales administrative no longer need to manually manage and record orders.

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Turn data to actionable insights

Boostorder Insights provides companies with interactive and intuitive dashboards that aggregates data obtained through field sales activities. This allows management teams to observe and build trends and patterns for strategic decision making, and to make tactical shifts and changes to the field sales operation whenever necessary.

A few commonly used dashboards for field sales reps:

• Call rate

• Sales

• Collection

• Commission