Data & Intelligence

Unlock the power of data in B2B sales

What is Data & Intelligence?

Technology has played a foundational role in increasing business performances and one of the aspects that benefitted from its advancement is the accessibility of data analytics and insights.


With complete, real-time visibility on the data being collected across the B2B trade flow, management teams are more likely to be able to leverage on it to make informed business decisions.


Not only that, businesses can also use data to review past data, make improvements or enhancement on their present strategies, and forecast their ability to grow and scale their businesses in the future.

Full data visibility for actionable insights

Boostorder Insights help businesses gain real time data visibility, through the conversion of raw data collected from different Boostorder platforms such as Boostorder Direct and Boostorder Rep into consumable information, which is then translated into interactive analytic dashboards for actionable insights.

Find out more about Boostorder Direct and Boostorder Rep here.
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Seamless and automated data synchronization

Data can be collected automatically and stored via Boostorder Cloud and synchronized seamlessly to Boostorder Insights through Boostorder Sync. This eliminates manual data collection, speeds up processes and also reduces human error.