Reduced operation costs by 40% through data automation

Founded in 2007, Rightway Apparel is an apparel and activewear manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, as well as one of the pioneers in the textile industry for over 15 years.


About 10 years after its establishment, Rightway expanded their market and ventured into the international textile trade through merchandise import, export, wholesale, and supply chain.



Manual, inefficient sales processes

Rightway had to manually update orders, product listings and inventories due to the absence of an automated system. This takes up a lot of manpower, time and effort, not to mention the high probability of human error.


Increasing operation costs

As the company is growing, so does the operation costs, inevitably. Like any other company, Rightway’s management team is constantly finding a solution to minimize cost and maximize profit without jeopardizing customer experience.


Limitations in exploring new channels

To grow a business is a challenge, to stay on top of the game as the competition grows fiercer is another. Rightway is constantly finding new market segments to penetrate to increase exposure and revenue.


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Boostorder Rep

Real time access to catalogues, orders and history

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Boostorder Direct

24/7 self-service ordering app for buyers

Boostorder Sync.png

Boostorder Sync

Integration with accounting systems


Reduced manual processes

Increased number of orders


productivity improvement

New sales channel

500 micro agents

nationwide to recruit more customers


reduction of operation costs