Enhanced field sales and merchandising operations

Everbest Soya Bean Products has been a common household brand for many Malaysians for soy-based food products such as bean curd, yuba, and vegetarian products. Being in operation for more than 26 years, the company has manufactured and distributed both locally and internationally, increasing its brand exposure and recognition to more than 28 countries.



Manual operation for field sales and merchandise team

As Everbest continues to grow in its business, they realized the need to have an automated system in place to manage their field sales. This includes being able to help onboard new merchandising teams as fast and as seamless as possible, manage retail data and linking them to the sales team.


Segregated data

With an operation as vast as Everbest, having a platform to consolidate all field operations data is required for visibility and actionable insights.


BO Rep Icon (Legacy) Preview.png

Boostorder Rep

Customer and history visibility, order placement and payment made easy for field sales team

Boostorder Sync.png

Boostorder Sync

Seamlessly maintain product information and pricings at the back office, data and sales documents are able to be synchronized automatically to the off-site sales team

BO Insight-01.png

Boostorder Sync

Management has full visibility into sales team and retail operation performances.


full visibility on sales performance

improved engagement with sales / merchandising team

reduced order capturing time

from hours to 30 minutes

reduced OOS (out of stock) goods in retail shelves