1200% Order Cycle Time Improvement

Chong Tatt Enterprise (CTE) is a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) distributor in Northern Malaysia, specializing in distribution of beverages to around 500 retailers, including convenience stores and F&B outlets. A few prominent brands carried by the company are Milo, Nescafe, Nestum, Heineken and Tiger.



Long order processing time

With the huge amount of incoming and outgoing orders daily especially in the B2B industry, CTE required a solution that enables the team to speed up the order cycle time to continue providing excellent and seamless customer experience.


Manual ageing reports churning and credit status management

CTE’s administration team need to generate ageing reports manually, which takes up a lot of time and manpower, as well as getting real time information on every customer’s credit status management.


BO Rep Icon (Legacy) Preview.png

Boostorder Rep

Real time access to catalogues, orders and history

BO Direct Icon (Lagacy) Preview.png

Boostorder Direct

24/7 self-service ordering app for buyers

Boostorder Sync.png

Boostorder Sync

Seamless integration with accounting systems

BO Insight-01.png

Boostorder Insights

Real time dashboards and actionable insights


Order processing time improvement

from 3 hours to 15 minutes

Reduced manual paperwork


man hours / month saved


sales productivity improvement